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Disability Rights Priorities Survey

What's Important to you?

Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands (DRCVI) is the territory’s designated protection and advocacy organization for people with disabilities. To ensure that our limited resources are used to address issues of importance to people with disabilities, we are seeking input from the disability community and others.

How do you self-identify?

Please check below all that apply to you. This request is strictly on a voluntary and confidential basis:
Person with a Disability (physical, emotional, developmental, learning, psychological, cognitive, etc.)
Family, Guardian, or Friend of a person with a disability
Professional Advocate or Service Provider for a person with a disability

Because we cannot address every issue of concern to persons with disabilities, please indicate what is Most Important to you by ranking one unique choice from 1 (least important) to 6 (most important). *

Investigate serious harm caused by abuse or neglect in psychiatric facilities, jails, or other places
Appropriate education for children with disabilities of all ages
Inform persons with disabilities about their rights so that they can advocate for themselves
Investigate cases of physical restraint, seclusion, or over-medication
Appropriate health and mental health care services
Inform/educate parents/guardians about the rights of their children/dependents so they can advocate for their family members
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