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Public Education & Communication

Goals & Priorities - Public Education & Communication


Promote positive images of people with disabilities through communications strategies including the media and DRCVI website.

Ensure that media and communications strategies are part of all aspects of DRCVI’s work.

Strengthening DRCVI’s communication tools and strategies, including DRCVI’s website in order to tell others about our work.

Public Education

Publish Annual Report.

Make DRCVI available in other languages.

Produce materials for people with disabilities and increase access to such publication by writing at appropriate literacy levels, and creating alternative formats.

Provide training and other education activities for people with disabilities their families, their advocates and organizations which target traditionally under-served communities.


Youth Corrections faces numerous deficiencies, study shows


The Human Services Department has not responded publicly to an assessment of the Youth Rehabilitation Center on St. Croix that said the center is “deficient in all functional areas.” The report, commissioned by f..

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Undercurrents: Making Air Travel Easier for People with Disabilities


Even the most infrequent flyer knows that air travel these days is fraught with delays. The seasoned traveler has a store of tales of cancelled flights, missed connections and late arrivals – stories so common it’s h..

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