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Quality Assurance

Goals & Priorities - Quality Assurance

To develop and maintain activities promoting assessment of client satisfaction.

To ensure that clients receive information regarding procedural protection with regard to client grievance and appeal.

To ensure that DRCVI provides culturally competent services.

To ensure appropriate oversight and supervision of DRCVI’s client services.


People with autism, intellectual disabilities fight bias in transplants


Paul Corby needs a new heart. On that there is no dispute. The same rare disease that killed his father at 27 is destroying his left ventricle. While there is no cure or surgery that might repair the damage, a heart..

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This foster father takes in only terminally ill children


The children were going to die. Mohamed Bzeek knew that. But in his more than two decades as a foster father, he took them in anyway — the sickest of the sick in Los Angeles County‚Äôs sprawling foster care ..

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