Able to Raise

 Able to Raise: Featuring James Robinson

Aired: 11-18-2022 | 28m 20s

In this episode, Amelia interviews documentary filmmaker James Robinson to discuss his adaptability series Whale Eyes.

 Able to Raise, featuring La Vaughn Belle

Aired: 10-25-2022 | 28m 19s

In this episode, Amelia sits with the multi-talented visual artists, La Vaughn Belle. Ms. Belle shares her evolution as an artist and how her work breathes air into the unspoken narratives of the past.

 Representation Matters

Aired: 09-07-2022 | 28m 29s

In this episode, Amelia learns about the African American Conference on Disabilities and the two incredible men that founded it, Renaldo Fowler and David Carey.

 Reflections on the Disability Rights Movement

Aired: 09-02-2022 | 28m 30s

In this episode, Amelia sits with national disability rights leader Curt Decker. Curt takes us through the victories and challenges of the disability rights movement, mainly through a global pandemic, and shines a light on the future of disability rights.

 V.I. Vote 2022

Aired: 06-14-2022 | 28m 30s

In this episode, Amelia has an informative discussion with Terrell Alexandre, Deputy Supervisor of Elections for St. Croix.

 Changing the World Through Krip-Hop

Aired: 05-13-2022 | 28m 19s

In this episode of Able to Raise, Amelia interviews writer, artist, and community activist Leroy Moore Jr. Leroy co-founded an organization called Krip-Hop Nation, an international network of Hip Hop musicians with disabilities.

 Your Vote Matters

Aired: 05-12-2022 | 28m 19s

Amelia interviews Melba Pearson, a civil rights and criminal law attorney.Melba discusses running for office, her weekly podcast Mondays with Melba, and her policy work at Florida International University.

 V.I. Food Reformer

Aired: 03-16-2022 | 28m 19s

In this episode, Amelia interviews Sommer Sibilly-Brown of the V.I. Good Food Coalition for a lesson on the Virgin Islands food system.

 Freedom City Activists

Aired: 03-10-2022 | 28m 30s

In this episode, Amelia speaks with Frandelle Gerard, Executive Director of CHANT, and Monica Marin, Artist and Curator, about the renovation of Fort Frederik and decolonizing the narrative of V.I. history.

 Crucian Environmental Activism

Aired: 01-13-2022 | 28m 25s

In this episode, Amelia interviews Olivia Walton, a Crucian environmental educator. Ms. Walton is the education coordinator at the St. Croix Environmental Association.

 Musical Traditions of the V.I.

Aired: 01-03-2022 | 28m 25s

In this episode, Amelia LaMont talks with V.I. cultural bearers Stanley Jacobs and Eldred "Edgie" Christian of Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights.

 Honoring a V.I. Veteran

Aired: 11-12-2021 | 27m

In this episode, we celebrate the life and service of Norman Nielsen, a veteran of two branches of the military and a retired V.I. firefighter. Mr. Nielsen shares childhood memories of St. Croix and his stories as a young Virgin Islander abroad.

 Unearthing Our Past

Aired: 10-20-2021 | 27m 50s

In this episode, Dr. Justin Dunnavant, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UCLA and Co-founder of the Society of Black Archaeologists, discusses the Virgin Islands' hidden histories.

 Staying Healthy During a Pandemic

Aired: 09-22-2021 | 28m 30s

In this episode, Amelia LaMont is joined by Dr. Joseph DeJames, to discuss what it is like tending to patients on St. John without a hospital on the island.

 Youth Teaching the Youth

Aired: 08-13-2021 | 28m 30s

LaMont talks with Anthony Mardenborough, Jr. about starting a nonprofit at nine years old and how young Virgin Islanders can make an impact and have their voices heard.

 Standing at the Bottom of the World

Aired: 07-09-2021 | 28m 30s

In this episode of Able to Raise, Kemit-Amon Lewis shares stories from his incredible life adventures on St. Croix and around the world.

 Introducing the New Executive Director

Aired: 06-16-2021 | 27m 59s

In this episode, Amelia LaMont introduces Angus Drigo, the Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands' new Executive Director. Angus speaks on his qualifications and the direction he plans to take the organization.

 Employment Opportunities

Aired: 05-17-2021 | 28m 9s

In this episode, Amelia LaMont sits down with Julien Henley, ADA Coordinator at the Governor's Office, to discuss employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and the benefits of hiring employees with disabilities. Julien is a dynamic, passionate leader in the disability community of the V.I., working hard to create a more inclusive Virgin Islands.

 Youth Disability

Aired: 04-20-2021 | 28m 29s

In this episode, Amelia LaMont sits down with youth advocate and student Johan Mora Valverde. Johan provides excellent advice on how young people can speak up for themselves at school, home, or work.

 Breaking Down Ableism

Aired: 03-18-2021 | 28m 24s

Host Amelia LaMont speaks with author and human rights lawyer Haben Girma - the first Deaf-Blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School. Haben breaks down ableism, the benefits of assistive technology, and ways we can all take part in creating a more inclusive community.

 Disparities in Federal Programs

Aired: 02-18-2021 | 28m 30s

In this episode, Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands (DRCVI)Director, Amelia LaMont, speaks to James Campbell, a Justice Catalyst Fellow. James Campbell is working with the DRCVI on a new report that reveals drastic disparities in the Virgin Islands from federal programs such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which discriminate against the USVI people.

 Corporal Punishment

Aired: 01-19-2021 | 27m 32s

In this episode, Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands Director, Amelia LaMont, speaks to the president and vice president of CFVI, Dee Baecher-Brown, Anna Wheatley Scarbriel parent advocate Angus Drigo, about corporal punishment in our communities. They explore alternatives to corporal punishment and how corporal punishment negatively affects the growth of our youth.

 Postpartum Depression

Aired: 12-17-2020 | 27m 29s

In this episode, Amelia speaks to Dr. Pooja Lakshmin, a perinatal psychiatrist, about Postpartum Depression and how to treat it. They also delve into the five trimesters of pregnancy.

 Creative Writing for Young People

Aired: 11-19-2020 | 27m 24s

In this episode, Amelia Headley LaMont speaks with Lenny James and Winifred “Oyoko” Loving about their creative writing process and what students and adolescents can do to begin their writing journey.

 Able To Raise

Aired: 08-03-2020 | 55m 14s

"Able to Raise" is a program brought to you by the Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands & WTJX Channel 12. Watch as host Amelia Headly Lamont spotlights Adiba Nelson, an author and disability rights & inclusion advocate. You'll get to hear about the day in a life of a single mother raising a daughter who has Cerebral Palsy.